Monday, January 28, 2013

Engineering graduates keen to join ISRO

The success of India’s moon mission has kindled interest in engineering graduates to build careers with the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), Chandrayaan Project Director Mylswami Annadurai has said.
Speaking to The Hindu on the sidelines of a function here on Saturday, he said ISRO’s call for applications for 400 seats in its in-house training institute was met with an overwhelming response of 70,000 applications.
Attributing the response to Chandrayaan, he said prior to the launch such a call would have been met with a response of only about 2,000 applications from candidates.
Mr. Annadurai said the impact of the moon mission was to be seen in education institutions as well, which have started offering courses in aeronautical engineering.
“I can see many managements opening the branch, which was earlier restricted to a very few institutions given the cost involved.
“And, students are choosing aeronautical engineering just the way they would chose core engineering branches,” he said.
He explained that a part of the reason for such a trend among students also had to do with the downturn in IT industry.
In 15 years, India would be the biggest user of aerospace equipment, he said.

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